my horoscope. thanks rob brezny.

7 Dec

Researchers at the University of Oregon claim that in certain circumstances, they can make water flow uphill. I’m not qualified to evaluate their evidence, but I do know that in the coming week you will have the power to accomplish the metaphorical equivalent of what they say they did. Don’t squander this magic on trivial matters, please, Gemini. Use it to facilitate a transformation that’s important to your long-term well-being.


Trivial?  Fine.  But this seems like a pretty substantial and nervous making exhortation.  Is that the word I was looking for?  You know, like command or whatever. I would like to make magic.



14 Nov




Remember Small Wonder?  Yeah.






oh and btw

12 Sep

I made biscuits last night and they weren’t layer-ey and fluffy like I hoped.  This YouTube video helped.  If only I looked beforehand. PS. If my mom saw this picture of the finger in the biscuit, she’d maybe never eat a biscuit again.

For now you can see me here.

12 Sep

It looks like some jerk stole my old domain for my website.  Being the type of person that sees adversity and avoids it, I decided on a new domain.  What goes into choosing a new domain?  Hours of contemplation?  Sleepless nights thinking about what would appeal to my legions of “fans”?  No.  I just decided, f it.  I’ll take .biz.  So in the meantime, while this is going on, you can see me here, and my whereabouts and the such.

The summer has gone and fall is breezing in.  It’s the last few moments of breezy perfect weather before the snow comes in and consumes us all.  Gone are the careless walks to the subway in a t-shirt and shorts.  Now the boots are being readied, polished and resoled, primed for battle.  The puddly streets and the icy curbs soon to invade.  Man.  Winter blows.  But for now, my blog.

Tonight I will be doing some standem ups at Giulia Rozzi and Brooke van Poppelen’s show, Dive at Freddy’s in Brooklyn.  I’m sure you’ll read this days later and this will mean nothing to you because it happened in the past.  But you guys, we can’t know our future if we don’t know our past.  Right?  Whatever.

My New Show! Tuesday August 30, 8pm. Soho Gallery For Digital Art!

22 Aug

I do not have a green thumb

11 Jul

This Sunday I planted, or rather transplanted some basil and two tomato plants into bigger pots.  I have no idea what I’m doing and while putting the soil in the pot I noticed a small rolly polly frantically running for its life and got a little grossed out.  When did I get so squeamish?  I used to like to stick my feet in mud.  I’d like to have a vegetable garden one day but maybe I should see if I am able to keep these guys alive.  I also got these two tall plants that I think can withstand winter weather.  I think?

I don’t know what kind of plants these are but the label said they can live in weather up to -40 degrees.  So, I think I’m safe unless we have some insane deep freeze.

This is the first time in a while I’ve tried to keep anything besides myself alive.  I hope the best for you my plant friends.  I will do my best.  I promise.

Oh, and I wondered what this plant is.  Is it a weed?  Is it supposed to be there?  What’s going on?

this is all I have. Update #2.

16 Jun

So… I am supposed to be making progress on my new show.  Since I last wrote, I think I figured out the new direction of the show.  Yay! And I wrote the intro so, that’s about all I have for now.  I meant to keep writing but I got distracted.  If I were to rate my progress, I made like 4 inches of progress out of a possible 12, for the week.

Now I have to go pack boxes full of things I probably shouldn’t pack like a pair of broken glasses…but I might need them in the future!

In the meanwhile enjoy this video my friend Tom shared.  It brightened my day.  I hope it brightens your day too!