18 Nov

Hello Norway. I like you. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been here a little over a week. It’s all gone by rather quickly. Our first stop Trondheim. I love Trondheim. Our first night there we had a delightful meal at a small place that had a painting of Flea. It was a really nice little place. I felt like we were visiting a home and eating the home meal made by mom.

painting of flea!

painting of flea!

Most people in our group had the fish soup which is a local favorite. Another favorite was the reindeer stew, which I partook of. Yum. It tasted like tender beef. I smiled and rubbed my rounded belly. Santa came to mind. Oh Rudolph, thank you for your sacrifice. Your stew is very tasty.

reindeers never tasted so good

reindeer never tasted so good

The day after we had our first show which was in this structure where Germans used to construct U boats. The Norweigans tried to destroy the place because of the history of it, but when it was found indestructable, they turned it into a cultural center. Our theater space was in a huge huge space. Just look at this entrance.

this was the entrance to the Dora

this was the entrance to the Dora

They transformed this huge handball court into a theater space and we had two great shows.listen i'm no photographer, it's blurry, i know

I know this photo is blurry but you get the idea.

We are in Oslo and I need to take some pictures and tell some tales. I have yet to formally meet a Viking but I think I saw one on the street. He was carrying a polar bear over his shoulder and he chuckled as he drank from a chalice filled with blood. I was scared, but then I hid in a conveniently close pile of snow. He sniffed for me, but he was distracted by a small dog that ran right by him. He killed it by looking into his eyes. It was intense. I ran back to the hotel while he ate the dog. Phew! Close call.


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