16 Jun

photo: pets who want to kill themselves

Look at this tiny dog.
I can’t help but look at this dog and think about how adorable this dog must be every day. Every morning this little puppy’s owner wakes up to this little face with it’s tiny tail wagging.  Running around like a miniature stuffed animal. Oh dogs.

My dog story for today:
Today I was walkin’ down the main drag of my neighborhood and saw a large Pit Bull race down the street towards me. Not directly at me, more like to the left of me. Racing with it’s collar flopping around behind it. His owner ran a few stretches behind it, trying to catch up to her wild-spirited dog. Behind me a small little fluffy dog was freaking out in slow motion while it’s owner desperately tried to pull the dog up by it’s leash. The dog for a moment hung in the air by it’s leash while the Pit Bull skillfully bound down the sidewalk and bit right onto the tiny fluffball’s neck. The poor little thing squealed for mercy.

The dog owners were in a frenzy trying to pry the Pit Bull’s teeth from the tiny dog.  Finally the Pit Bull released and the flustered owner of the fluffball ran inside to safety with his tiny squealer.  Just then a man in skinny jeans who saw the whole thing go down, walked on by, wondering what the big deal was.  He was pretty cool with his long hair, sunglasses and stick legs.  I was pretty impressed by his ability to walk by unaffected.  He had the gait of a gazelle.  I wished he was wearing fine furs.  I wished he was Joe Namath.


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