summer shoes?

29 Jul

Unfortunately the problem with summer shoes is they are generally either uncomfortable and cute or earth shoes. For years I have owned Birkenstocks with the toe part that makes it look like a flip flop and I’ve been happy with them but recently the shoes have run their course, so to speak, though I never run in them.

Anyhoo, so here it is. I want to know what sandals to purchase next. Should I opt for the OG Birkenstocks with the two straps? I asked my friend Stef if I should and she said that I shouldn’t because it would lead me down the path of raw foods and the dancing bears.

I agree, but they’re so comfortable. And maybe they can be made to look less earthy?
Maybe? Have I stopped caring about my appearance? Will I start wearing sweats all day every day? Am I a jerk for even caring?
Who am I?


One Response to “summer shoes?”


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    […] 17, 2009 by byamamoto I posted this a couple months ago, agonizing on whether or not to get the two strap Birkenstocks, which bring to […]

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