I know this is less a guilty pleasure and more about bad taste

26 Aug


Something about that Miley Cyrus song “The Climb” appeals to me.  I have one other friend, I won’t mention names, who also finds the song strangely moving.  I know, let’s be honest, I’m sure she didn’t write the song.  I’m not even going to check.  I’m sure she didn’t. Also, I realize I am way behind on this wagon of pop.  I think I can still live with myself.

But I did read a little blurb in the New York magazine about John Hughes’ impact on how teens have been portrayed in the media since his films.  According to this argument, he made way for Miley to be respected as someone to tell us about climbing mountains and making our way in this tough world.

Therefore, I am allowed to identify with this song and feel justified in feeling uplifted.

Thank you Miley.  Thank you Mr. Hughes.


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