Move over Jon and Kate

27 Aug

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  It could be the heat.  It could be that the worries of the world were weighing heavily on my shoulders like an elephant just sitting there, being heavy.  So I turned on the ol’ boob tube and wrote a long email to my mother about my current burdens, when suddenly I was met with the sweet face of this guy:


Okay, so this isn’t the best shot of him but trust me, this guy is so cute!  He’s on this TLC show Restorer Guy He goes into old homes and restores them with his bare hands! And he knows everything about these old homes like the types of doorknobs produced during the 1800s.  How great is that?  I don’t mean to get all housewife like swoony on you “Oh he’s handsome and he can saw things and put a shelf together! I’m fainting!”  But seriously, am I right ladies?

Also, how is this guy’s name Gable Painter? Seriously?  Amazing.  If you’re up at 3am you should totally watch this show.  It’s like This Old House but with a cute little hip guy who’s a nerd for restoration.  I love it.


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