Wow, this guy!

3 Sep


So this artist, Daniel Edwards has really outdone himself this time.  In the past he created a sculpture of Britney Spears giving birth on a bear skin rug.  But this time he dares to reach new heights by creating a sculpture of Angelina Jolie breastfeeding two babies at once!  What a feat!  In fact she is so worn out by feeding her twins with her twins (sorry I had to do that.  I apologize), that she has her eyes closed.  She is deep in thought, meditating on birth and life and the meaning of the sculpture she is in.  She is wondering how and why she was created and she’s wondering why she will be unveiled on September 11.

Anyway.  I don’t know a thing about art, but I’m guessing this isn’t an example of the best the contemporary art world has to offer, and if it is, well then, art blows.

Here you can watch Mr. Edwards talk about this sculpture and how having Jolie breastfeeding two babies at once is “social commentary”.

(video Reuters via Jezebel: here)

(image: Art Info via Jezebel)


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