I know I shouldn’t, but

8 Sep


I love the Rachel Zoe Project.  I know.  I shouldn’t.  There’s the fact that all they talk about is fashion, but I am my mother’s child and I grew up watching Dynasty and admiring the wardrobes of Crystal and Alexis Carrington.  Maybe that’s why this show appeals to me.  It’s kind of like a modern day Dynasty, I think.  I must admit all the fashion and Valley Girl talk gets to me sometimes because it’s like hearing three of me talking to myself.  That’s exactly what I sound like when I speak.  I saw this dress I really wanted online today and I literally said to myself, “Oh…MY…God.  I die.”

And later today, I really wanted a coffee, and I said, “Oh my God.  I am going seriously mentally insane right now because I need a coffee or I will literally be put into a mental institution because I need a coffee so bad and when they get me there they will put me in a straight jacket and I will still want a coffee because that is how bad I need a coffee right now”.  So yes, I think this is why I love Rachel Zoe.  Because we speak the same language.  We emote in the same way. Also, she dresses in the way I only dream about.  Like her, I would like to be buried in Chanel.  And if not Chanel, then knockoff Chanel at least.  I bet T.J. Maxx would have something.


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