This weekend was nice

8 Sep

This weekend I went to a beautiful wedding in Pennsylvania.  The next day we spent a lovely day in Philly, with Duchamp’s Etant donnés being the main goal of the day.  I’ve seen it once before but my traveling companion had not yet seen it.

Warning:  I don’t know much about art.  I’m not trying to make any grand statements about art.  But hey, I’m entitled to my opinion.  It is my American right to have an opinion on anything at all, even if I know nothing about it.  I salute you, Red, white and Blue!



We saw these lil’ babies.  It is a painting by Leon Frederic called “The Source of Life”.  I call it “Baby River”.  Gross.  A river full of babies.  I bet my mom would like this painting.  She loves pictures of white babies.  In her home she has frames with pictures of white children in them, mostly because she hasn’t replaced the picture that came with the frame.

Okay, so on to:


The excitement was making me caffeiney high.  Well not really, cause I’ve seen it once before, but my traveling companion almost lost his mind.  Maybe all of you have seen this piece before, but for those who haven’t, it’s this installation that was discovered after Duchamp died because it was created in secret.  If you know all this already, I apologize.  Anyhow, so there are these two little peepholes that you use to look at the installation and there’s sometimes a line to take a turn to look through the peepholes.  At one point I saw there was no line and I elbowed my companion, seeing our window of opportunity.  Since he is type of person who has to look at all the manuals and pictures before seeing the actual work, he declined to jump ahead to the piece,  as the line slowly but surely piled up.  Finally we got in line and got our turn at the peepholes.  That’s me!


And  this is what I saw!


Oh my goodness!  Do you see what I see?  A nekkid lady!  With her parts exposed!  She’s a regular Lindsay Lohan.

I was thinking of creating a response piece to this.  You know, my own non artistic, uninformed version of the piece.  It wouldn’t take place in a museum, clearly, cause people barely let me into a museum, even after I offer to pay full price on a “pay what you can” day.  Anyhow, my piece would take place in an unmarked alley, and you’d enter a dark room and there would be a door that you would peek into, but on the other side of it would be a donut store and then you open the door and you’d be in a donut store. Basically you’d enter the donut store through a back door.  Sounds good to me.  Maybe I just want a donut now.  Maybe that’s what this whole entry is about.  Well at least I’m honest with myself.


One Response to “This weekend was nice”

  1. Frances September 17, 2009 at 7:54 pm #

    This is amazing. I didn’t know about this piece! I’m glad you explained! And I like your installation idea too. Especially since it doesn’t sound like a tease where you just look at the donuts, but it sounds like you could actually then get a donut. I’m glad you would take care of your audience this way.

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