This is both a dream and a nightmare

10 Sep


This is the ChefStack Automatic pancake machine.  I saw it on gizmodo.  All you have to do is pour some batter in the thing and poof! a pile of pancakes.  The only thing is, when I eat pancakes at a diner, I like to imagine Mel from Mel’s Diner or Alice or whatever yelling and making my pancakes while yapping away with his loud mouth and I want Flo to say “kiss my grits”.  I’m sick of all this automated shit.  I don’t want a robot made pancake.

What happened to the good old days when the old lady in the neighborhood would form her homemade meatballs with her bandaided hand and she’d say, “I make this with love” and you’d smile, grimace a little and then eat her friggin’ meatball. Remember that? I thought so.


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