Oh Mah Gaga

14 Sep

The VMAs tonight were like a wonderful teen soap opera mini roller coaster.  It began with Madonna whose first words on stage were “Michael Jackson”.  Her face looked refreshed like a little baby’s face.  She’s finally grown into her newest face lift.

Then Russell Brand made everyone feel uncomfortable with his tight pants and his comments about getting it on with Lady Gaga, while speculating about her hermaphroditism.   And then the big moment where Kayne interrupted while Taylor accepted her award.

I like the synopsis of the VMAs I just read on the NY Times.

My favorites of the evening:

1. Beyonce on stage.  Can’t get enough of “Single Ladies” nor will I get over the leotard.  Leotards forever!

2. Lady Gaga with her Birdnest face and constant costume changes.  Amazing.

Here they are together:



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