omigod I was right!

17 Sep

I posted this a couple months ago, where I was agonizing on whether or not to get the two strap Birkenstocks.   And I decided against it because I don’t want to look like a hippie.  But today, I was looking at the Sartorialist blog and look!

Everyone they post on the Satorialist is fancy and crap, so that means I was thinking like the fancy, well dressed folks on the Satorialist.  Take that, doubters!  And by “that” I mean a high five.  I don’t believe in being negative towards others today.  Just for today.

It’s cool to wear the two straps!  I think?

I think I should just get them.  Who cares if people think I look like a dirty hippie?  Pretty soon we’ll all be hippies.  And then none of you will laugh at me.


One Response to “omigod I was right!”

  1. sg September 21, 2009 at 5:41 am #

    you are fashion forward and i bow down to you and your fancy fashion self. i can smell the nag champa from here!

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