oh man

18 Sep


This puppy may be cute, but he also might be peeing in your pocket.

I’m a distracted person in general, but right now it’s even worse.  I’m helping out with some dog sitting, and generally dogs are thought to be well mannered and good little creatures.  Or I don’t know, I assumed dogs are pretty well behaved or something cause they’re so popular, right?  Well it turns out they’re only well behaved when they have been trained to be that way.

Anyhow, the dog I’m helping look after is a beagle and he’s still rather young and very untrained and he is a rambunctious little fella.  He likes smelling anything in his path and digging his cute little nose into every possible crevice.  Last night he found a cockroach in a trap and started eating it.  I was so disgusted I didn’t even intervene.  I just let him eat his gross little morsel.  Meanwhile there was a whole bowl of dried food waiting for him.  Maybe to dogs a bowl of dry kibble is like a salad.  You know you should eat it, but not when there’s a bag of french fries. So, to Beagles:



Just wanted to clarify.  I’m learning about dogs today.

So now, I’m trying to work on  this writing project and the little creature keeps on whining.  He’s whining like a pro.  He’s done it his whole life and it’s gotten him all kinds of things.  Like the wrath of anyone within earshot.  Is this what a crying baby is like?   (worried face) I took the miniature beast for a walk and it peed outside for once, instead of on the floor next to me.  We ran around. I let him smell stuff. Why is he whining? Why?  It’s like a horrible piccolo out of tune playing the same note over and over again.  My brain will surely explode.

One positive note:  I taught it the command “sit”, which I’m pretty sure will go in one cute beagle ear and out the other.

By the way, I looked on Wikipedia and this is what it said about Beagles:

…while they are alert, respond well to food-reward training, and are eager to please, they are easily bored or distracted. They are ranked 72nd in Stanley Coren‘s The Intelligence of Dogs, as Coren places them among the group with the lowest degree of working/obedience intelligence.

Oh Beagles.  That’s why Snoopy was such a rebellious smartass.


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