Oh no, this is trouble

30 Sep

090826_MPTurin_TheHills_0724Oh man, why do I do this to myself?  Why do I flip channels and find myself watching The Hills?  And then allow my eyes to set their gaze on a hunky hairy faced man named Justin?  Listen, I know him and Audrina have a past and he was never really good to her… but look at that face.  Look at those eyes.  This guy is trouble!  And he might get me to watch this stupid show!

15 minutes later I don’t know how I’ve been sitting here and how did I ever get mad at Kristin Cavallari for being so damn magnetic and stealing this Justin fella right from under Audrina’s gaze.  Not only that, she started yelling at poor Audrina.  So I’m getting the sequence of events messed up, but basically Audrina got yelled at by Kristin, then Kristin steals her man!  KRISTIN!  YOU!

Wait, why am I invested?  How did this happen?  All I’m saying is that I’m scared more time will be wasted. How can I watch a show where Speidi reigns.  Honestly, they’re the most boring part of the show.  Who cares about the married couple?  I want to see the hair pulling and blood shed over the cute bearded guy (who ditches the facial hair in later episodes–influence from Kristin?  Who knows.).  JUSTIN!  WHY?

I need to throw this TV in the trash.  Unfortunately it is an old analog television and I am not able to carry this thing to the trash without assistance.  Also the TV doesn’t belong to me.  I guess I will be watching this season of The Hills (and maybe even The City).  Damn you good looking privileged white people! Damn you!  Why must I love watching your pretty faces?


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