White BREAD!

1 Oct

white-bread-ck-222910-lI’m trying so hard to be healthy lately.  I really am.  I went to yoga three times last week and twice this week and in my mind I am trying to eat healthier.  So why then is everything I want to eat bad for you?  Why?  I can’t tell you why but this week all I’ve been wanting to eat all day is bread or noodles.  Bread with butter is the one thing I don’t know if I can ever give up.

All the healthy people in my life don’t eat white carbs.  no pasta, no white bread, no white rice.  no good.  All I want to eat is a loaf of bread by myself right now.  I wonder if I’m psyching myself out.  Somewhere in my brain, by telling myself I can’t have bread has made me want bread all the more?  Why must I fight?  Why is it so difficult to fight?  I had some bread this morning and I felt guilty but I toasted the bread just so and the butter melted perfectly on the toasty parts.

When I was a kid no one told me I couldn’t eat white bread.  When I went to my friend’s house for a snack we would make a butter and jelly sandwich on white bread and then we’d microwave it for 30 seconds and eat it.  And for dinner, we’d choose our own Hungry Man dinner and watch television for hours.  No one told us all of this would make us fat and undisciplined.  And look at me now, sadly craving a piece of bread.

I mean it’s just bread.  But somehow I have been led to believe that a piece of white bread is like eating death.

I’ll risk my life and eat my white bread every once in a while.  Wait I like pizza.  That has dough and that’s white bread!  Bread!

(btw on the Food Network the Barefoot Contessa is looking at bread.  INA!)


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