I’m in LA

4 Oct

I am back in my hometown.  Back in the burbs.  First stop today was Trader Joe’s.  Yes.  I did need that bag of kettle corn and yes I did need three blocks of cheese.  What?  It’s what I need.  I’m in the burbs and that’s how I roll when I’m out here.  What?  Three bags of salad?  Yeah, that’s right.

Then it was time for a nice nap.  3 hours?  Yeah that seems like a nap.  What?  I’m taking it too easy?  Well yeah.  I guess so.  Then I went to the mall.  The mall?  Yeah and I purchased some eyeliner.  While at the counter and looking around I heard the saleslady talk to two younger ladies purchasing some facial products and she told them they didn’t need the anti aging component to the product they were looking at.  She then helped me and while paying for the eyeliner, she offered me some anti aging creams.

I guess either I look my age, or she sensed how much I love a good eye cream.  It’s clear I’m old enough to need eye cream, and it’s also clear I don’t need to be carded (the guy at Trader Joes’ obligingly asked to see my ID, but it was clear it was because he had to and not because he wondered if I was 21).  Luckily I’m not too old to shop at Forever 21!  Because at Forever 21 I’m always 21 even if I’m not shopping with my mom.

I considered purchasing this leopard print coat.  I think I should get it but I was persuaded not to, mostly because some people I know are haters.  Haters of fake fur and haters of humanity.

Here’s the coat and me:

leopard coatSure it’s meant for a young lady without wrinkles and youthful enthusiasm, but I still want it.  Maybe it will make me young, like the samples of wrinkle cream I received.  Meanwhile I’ll eat more Flaming Hot Cheetos and watch some Saturday Night Live.


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