So I went to a Dodgers Game

4 Oct

And it was nice.  It was sunny, people seemed to be in good spirits. So it seems the Dodgers won a game yesterday and now are able to have home field advantage for the playoffs, or some shit.  I don’t know.  All I was looking forward to was the food and $20 beer.  And lucky for me I got both.  The last time I went to a Dodgers game was when I was 11 and went with my then friend Keri and her mom and dad after a visit to the dentist.  I must have gotten my 8th filling or something and I purchased a koala with a Dodgers Jersey and I’m sure my mom has it here somewhere in this house.

Anyhow, today I realized that I’ve become a grumpy codger (rhymes with Dodger, wow I’m funny).  We were sitting in an open wooden type seat bench thing and there were two kids behind us.  Two innocent looking enough girls.  When we first sat down I felt a brush of a foot on my behind.  It was a soft kick, and nothing more.  Then I felt one more.   Then I felt another brush that seemed to have purpose behind it.   The foot came in slowly to touch my butt and then sneakily went back.  Sounds nuts right?  So I assumed I was imagining things.  Then once again the purposeful foot.  Finally I turned around to see two faces that looked like nothing was going on.  And it happened once more.  Oh the games!  But also, how did I become that lady?  Oh man.  Pretty soon I’ll be telling the waiter to turn down the music so I can appreciate my meatloaf at the local diner.

Oh and here’s the Dodger Dog I ate.  The pic came from Wikipedia.  They make it look so apetizing…



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