Where Have I been?

18 Oct


Well physically I was in California and mentally I’ve been floating in the air.

I just wanted to say this, I now can’t stand the actor Ryan Reynolds and it has nothing to do with his acting or him as a person.  It has to do with the fact that I had a really rude waiter that looked just like him and now I can’t stand the sight of him.  Is that wrong?  It doesn’t help that “The Proposal” is on DVD now, cause those ads come on and I think of that waiter guy.  I know they’re not the same person and that Ryan Reynolds is probably a pretty nice guy.  I mean why would he have a reason to be angry?  He makes millions and probably has a collection of Hummel figurines or something.  Plus he’s married to Scarlett Johansen.  I mean…

Ryan Reynolds probably never waited tables in his life, nor did he wait on us last week, but I just have that association with him.  I’m sorry Ryan, we’ll never be friends.  Don’t blame me, blame your doppelganger and his mean spirit.  We could have been pals, man, grab a beer or two and talk about life, but now it will never be.  Listen Ryan, it’ll be fine.  I promise you’ll find a different buddy to smash beer cans into your forehead with.  I bet that’s what you like to do.  I don’t really know you but you have a face for that sort of thing.


One Response to “Where Have I been?”

  1. Glennis October 20, 2009 at 8:27 pm #

    He does have a very strong forehead doesn’t he?

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