Oh Tully!

19 Oct


Tully, are those crocodile tears?  Cause I’m sad too.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with My Antonio lately but it’s been quite a doozy.  I was sad to see Christi and her boobs go.  She was a great source of entertainment.  Oh what a sloppy drunk she was! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

In the episode right before this last episode, Antonio’s mom, Yvonne took the remaining women on horseback riding adventure and Christi freaked! because she had a riding accident when she was a kid!  Ha!  What a jerk.  Then she started crying.  She was so hoping she could sit out of this one cause she was afraid of the grilling she’d get from Yvonne.  Hell, anyone would be afraid to get too close to Yvonne and those freaky bulgy eyes of hers.  Come on! I’d get off the horse, run to the shore and swim to California.  That woman is scary.

Anyway, Christi dug her own grave.  First she got all jealous when Antonio left her alone in the hot tub without saying goodbye because Tully was in the hospital for internal bleeding.  Tully!  Toughen up.  Come on, internal bleeding?  Then Christi refused to write fake vows for the fake wedding because she said it wasn’t real.  Duh Christi, you’re on a VH1 reality show.  When did you think any of this was real?  Look at yourself.  You’re plastic.  But at least you’re pretty.  Then the final straw: Yvonne told Antonio that Christi was spying on the other girls and telling her all about them.  Never trust a redhead!  That’s an old saying right?  Well now we all know.  Never trust them.

Anyhoozles, this last episode was the make believe honeymoon to the fake wedding they had.  Boring Brooke went on a date with Antonio and went and made out on a speeding boat or some shit and Miranda and him went on a helicopter and made out.  Gross.  He swaps spit a lot.

Then at the elimination dinner, there’s a pause.  Where’s Tully?  Anyone see her?  Maybe she’s at the hospital again holding that big stuffed teddy bear.  Then boom, she arrives like a crazy in a wedding dress!  Tully!  You missed that challenge.  You look nuts, woman.  And there it was, the last entertaining moment in the  show gone.  Tully.  You made the show.  And now you’re gone and now it’s the boring blondes that are left.  Snoozey.  I bet he chooses boring Brooke.  Just cause it’ll make him look more exciting and we all know that Antonio needs something to help him and his bare chest out.

Oh Tully, we’ll miss you!


One Response to “Oh Tully!”

  1. sg October 19, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    i hope he chooses miranda and every morning she can do a reading of her angel cards with him.

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