It’s true after all. Junk food is crack.

30 Oct

tater-totsI just read this article about junk food (via Mark Bittman’s blog Bitten).  And according to a book written by David Kessler, FDA commissioner it looks like, scientists found that junk food is as addictive as heroin!  Oh man.  When people talk about donuts having crack in them, they’re really closer than they think.  My personal weakness: tater tots.  Put a basket in my face and I will eat every single morsel.  That’s right, I’m just like a little lab rat.  I’m ashamed.  I’m a tater tot junkie waiting to get my next fix.  I wish there was a healthy substitute, but a batch of roasted brussel sprouts appeals to me for other reasons.  They will never be that deep fried goodness that lies in the smashed and deep fried morsel of a tater tot.  One day I hope to kick this habit.  One day.


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