My Interview with my pal Erin Rose Foley

6 Nov


I ride the train every day and most of the time I avoid looking down into the tracks.  If I do look down, there’s the usual puddle of water between the tracks with who knows what kind of fluid, and every time without fail, a rat will scuttle around and I’ll cautiously step back from the ledge, because I would never ever want to go down there.  Never.  Scary!  Then there’s the dreaded third rail.  All I know is never touch the third rail!  (Unless you want to get electrocuted.)

So yesterday morning, when my friend Erin told me that her iPhone fell into the tracks AND she went on the tracks herself to retrieve the phone, I was speechless.  Why would she go down there?  I know I could never face the dreaded tracks myself.

Erin, did you ever consider leaving your phone in the tracks?  You risked your life for your phone!

No, I never considered leaving it.  They told me at the MTA Booth that if I had to go, I could pick up the phone later at the booth but I never considered that, even for a second.

How come?

Because it’s my favorite.  And because I didn’t think of it as risking my life.  If someone were mugging me I would give them the phone without thinking about it.

So how did you finally decide that you were going to go on the tracks to get your iPhone?

I reported my unfortunate situation to an apathetic woman in the MTA booth. She made a call and told me to wait for an MTA employee to come and get the phone for me. So I went back to the platform and waited for about 45 minutes. Finally, I explained my situation to two unhelpful gentlemen who offered to help me, but then proceeded to get on the next train and told me “Good luck with your phone.” So as soon as their jerk-train left the station, I realized that I had to do it myself. IT WAS TIME TO BE A HERO.

Were you scared to go on the tracks?  How did you make sure you were safe?

I jumped down as soon as a train left the station. I figured that would give me the most time possible. I also had a lady waiting on the platform for me, and she helped me get back up. My biggest fear was not being able to get back onto the platform. I should say that I don’t recommend that anyone ever go onto the tracks. It’s totally dangerous. I was a desperate woman in a desperate situation.

Did you feel empowered once you got back on the platform with your phone?

I felt proud that I mustered up the courage, and I felt extremely relieved to have my precious iPhone back, safe and sound with only a little bit of disgusting liquid on it. Again: super dangerous, don’t ever do it.

What advice would you give people who drop their phones on the subway tracks?

Don’t do what I did! But if you do, be super careful and make sure someone on the platform knows what you’re doing so they can give you a hand if you need it. But seriously don’t do it!

How did you end up dropping your phone on the tracks in the first place?

Ok, I’m not proud of it. But I was trying to take a picture of a humorously vandalized subway poster. In my defense, it was hilarious.


One Response to “My Interview with my pal Erin Rose Foley”

  1. The Frankster November 6, 2009 at 7:43 pm #

    I’m amazed. Wow.

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