Wish You Were Here

17 Nov

Hey Steffi,

So this weekend was pretty mellow.  Y’know.  Like eating cheese, sitting on the floor and staring at the wall.

A couple things:

1. there was this cat out here in New York that went crazy on a family and chased them into the bathroom!  Apparently a thyroid problem.  I didn’t know cats had thyroid conditions.   Honestly I think it’s kind of funny that the cat kept begging for food constantly then flipped out.  Maybe not that funny.  It made me think of this commercial.  I guess cats can be scary sometimes.

2. I just bought this Nuttella container that has an ad for The Pink Panther 2.  Wait, when did that film come out?  I just looked it up…in February this year.  I hope the Nuttella is still for eating:

Today, I’m watching television…Law and Order: SVU is on and I just learned that The Clap is gonorrhea. I should know that.  But I thought it was a different STD that only existed in the olden days.  Plus it sounds like it could be not that bad a disease and it sounds like something a man in a suit would say, maybe in a PSA.

And I just learned in a commercial that The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be on that tv show Mercy.  What?

And finally, please enjoy Kim from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and her hit tune, “Tardy for the Party”, my new life anthem:


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