Wish You Were Here

14 Dec

Hi Stef,

This week was a nice week.

So on Thursday I had a great show with my pals Glennis McMurray and Mindy Raf, who are hilarious and wonderful ladies.  I know you would have laughed during our show and had a grand time.  So I wish you could have seen that.  Oh, but Glennis wrote songs for each of us and you can look at them here.

This Saturday I went to a club/restaurant I wouldn’t normally go to.  It was super fun but I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.  (I had a very similar response to “Dancer In The Dark”–I liked it, but I was so disturbed I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.) I totally thought of you because I remembered those times we went to Club KIIS at the Palace.  Is that place still around?  Anyway, the vibe was similar.  There were tons of dudes and only a handful of ladies.  And the collective group of gentlemen created a bouquet of men’s cologne that hung like a musty mist over the club. It was enough to send me back in a mental time machine to the old time dance club days.  Oh the memories.  This guy over here gets it.  I wish you could have participated in the dancing.

Wish You Were Here is a weekly blog posting exchange with my friend Stef who lives in LA.


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