Pancake Day

16 Feb

So pancake day is a real thing. And even though I hadn’t heard of Pancake Day before, it turns out I’m psychic, because I was talking about pancakes yesterday and today is actually a day devoted to pancakes.  Happy Pancake Day!  Go eat a friggin’ pancake.

According to, which I only read when I google something, here is some stuff about Pancake day:

” Shrove Tuesday (as it’s officially known) is the day before Lent in the Christian calendar when people have to give up things they enjoy. So we celebrate in the UK by eating pancakes!”

Yeah, give up something you enjoy, today!  I’ll give up laughing at people when they trip.

Also, it is known as Fat Tuesday which I’m more familiar with.  In New Orleans it means that people throw beads at others who show their naked top parts.  I prefer Pancake Day, because I love pancakes and the world has seen enough flashing.  Now I sound like a prude, but I don’t like seeing girls flash their boobs.  I mean it’s fine for some people but it’s not for me. Why am I explaining myself?

Happy Pancake Day/Chinese New Year/Good Luck With Lent. Oh and here is a little something from a TV show called Maid Marian and Her Merry Men, which I never saw but maybe should have.  It aired on the BBC and sounds like it was a hoot, but I don’t think I will watch a kid’s show in adulthood.  That’s going too far, but this rap is fun.


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