YAY! The Housewives of NEW YAWK CITAY

5 Mar

I’ve basically seen the whole new season of the Real Housewives of New York.  The preview spoiled/enticed me.  Bethenny gets preggers, The Countess is working through a divorce, Kelly is still a nutbag, Jill is less fun and Ramona looks surprised all the time, oh and Alex is still married to that strange man who looks like Rum Tum Tiger!

The New York Housewives!  You’ve hooked me. (The OC Housewives were depressing me with everyone broke and people losing homes and divorce and that creepy new housewife with the fun bags.)

SO this season in the HWNY, Bethenny is having her moment in the sun!  Yay Bethenny! She’s probably the only housewife I kind of get.  She’s the “everyman” of the bunch, even if she lives a life I don’t recognize at all.  Meanwhile, The Countess is picking fights with everyone this episode.  First she gets all offended for being called “countless” by Ramona’s husband, which is mean, but kind of funny that Ramona’s husband fights like a girl.  Anyhow, THEN she starts it up with Bethenny.  What a jerk.  I know she’s going through a tough time, but The Countess is kind of a bitch.  But Bethenny throws it right back! Go B!  She says straight to her face “we’re not great friends”.  Yes!  Tell her!  And then The Countess talks down to her about driving the Skinny Girl car.  What a jerk.  That Countess!  Oooh she made me mad!

Then there’s Kelly.  She denied beating her bf, but honestly, I could totally see that girl flip on someone a la Naomi Campbell.  They both have “crazy eye”.  Oh the eye!  Some jerk told me once I had “crazy eye” which was marginally offensive, because I don’t have crazy eye, but that’s neither here nor there.

Yay drama!   BTW I can’t wait to see the episode where Ramona walks the runway and looks really surprised!  It’s something like the picture below.  Yesss!


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