I remember when I had dreams

11 Mar

A couple nights ago I was performing at my show (that I cohost and coproduce with Mindy and Glennis, both wonderful ladies), and my friend from college, Carina stopped by!  It was great to see her.  I was having a wonky night.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I know you’re not supposed to tell people who were just watching you on stage, that you felt bad.  Either they enjoyed the performance and don’t want to know OR they know you were not feeling it and you don’t need to tell them.  In any case, I was having an off night and it was so good to see my friend Carina in the audience.  Even though she moved to the city a couple years ago, it’s been forever since I’ve seen her.

Anyway, today I wanted to feel magical and dreamy and hoped to muster up the little gem of brightness I know is in my heart, somewhere.  It’s a tiny little flake of glitter at this point but I was still hoping to access that today, so I emailed Carina and asked her what sort of music I should listen to and one of the suggestions was Christopher Cross, which made me laugh, but then I found a live version on YouTube and let me tell you, “Sailing” is pretty sweet.  Go ahead, drift off and be dreamy.


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