Getting back

5 Apr

I just got back from LA. I feel a little discombobulated and very jet lagged.  It happens.  I had a couple shows in LA and saw my family, a few friends, ate some souffle and drank wines (thanks Stef and Serge!) but I’m not sure what happened in the last two weeks.  It all went by really quickly.  One of my favorite things to do while in the land of sunshine is to drive my dad’s Caddy.  I regretfully didn’t take a picture of the Caddy, but the picture above is what it looks like while inside the car looking outside.  Hopefully the Sedan de Ville will still be there the next time I return home.  There were rumors that the car might be traded in for a newfangled auto.  I hope that’s not true, but I guess cars break down and are replaced, just like cogs in a machine.  We are all cogs in the machine of industry.  All of us, cogs.  I love being uplifting.

I miss LA in a way, not in the way that I would move there right now, but in the way that I miss things about it–mostly friends and family.  I wish there was a way to be on both sides of the country at the same time.  Maybe I have a secret twin somewhere living my exact life somewhere, but probably not in LA, cause I’d notice that, unless my twin is very discreet about it.

If I had a twin living my exact life, I would hope she’d be just as cool as me or less cool because if my twin were more cool, I’d feel embarrassed, seeing my twin out-cool me at every move.  Since I’m not so cool, I can’t even begin to imagine what the cooler stuff might be.  Maybe she’d be in a rock band that tours the world! And she’d have a perm.  And she wouldn’t care what people said about her when she walks around in stretch pants and high heels.  And she’d ride a motorcycle and say thinks with a French accent, for fun.  My twin is cool.  I hope to meet her one day.


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