My Friend Michael is a Genius

6 Apr

My friend Michael Cyril Creighton, well, he has this series “Jack In A Box” that he makes with my other friend Jim Turner.  I call them my friends because they’re my friends.  I mean I don’t hang out with them every day or anything, or even see them every week, but we’re friends.  We really are.  You can email them and ask them, and I’m not just claiming they’re my friends because they’re really talented.  Whatever, just enjoy this video.  Oh and also, my friend Hannah Bos is in this particular episode too.  Yeah.  I’m friends with her too.  Go ahead, email her and ask. So here’s the video:


One Response to “My Friend Michael is a Genius”

  1. sg April 6, 2010 at 11:28 pm #

    MORE! these are so so good.

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