Wow, another good casting call!

6 Apr

So I think I might have mentioned this before, but I’m a performer.  I know “performer” sounds like I dance around in nothing but tassels and a cod piece, but really what I mean is sometimes I ‘act’, sometimes I do comedy characters and  sometimes I do standup and I think “performer” covers it all.  In any case, from time to time I audition for commercials and things and sometimes I get notices in my email box and this one kind of puzzled me:

So not only do they want one person who knows sign language, they want ANOTHER person who also signs AND you have to bring a suitcase or a duffel that “looks” full.  So I guess if you brought in a droopy bag you wouldn’t get the part.  Wow.  And I’m not going to talk about the money but I don’t think $150 is a great deal.  There, I said it.  Maybe cause it’s an industrial?  What do I know?  This is a very specific casting. And not to be a dick, but is it “speak” sign language?  Or would it be understands sign language?  Wait, no I guess it would be speak.  Cause that’s how one communicates.  It just seems weird.

Oh and one more thing, why did they email me about this one?  Maybe someone told them about the many hours I spent at concerts as a kid standing right next to the speaker and not being able to hear for a whole day.  True story.

Listen, if I knew sign language I’d go to this audition, but instead of a full duffel bag, I’d bring in a rolling suitcase with a dog’s head sticking out of it and say “Hey I know it’s not technically full, but isn’t it brimming with cute?”  Oh, If I only knew sign language.


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