Girl Friendships. Whoosh.

9 Apr

Last night’s Real Housewives made me feel so sad.  Oh lady friendships.  They can be so harsh.  Bethenny oh Bethenny.  I don’t know how she deals with it all.  Ramona is such a schitzo, first she’s telling Bethenny what an opportunistic bitch she is, then she wants to reunite her with Jill.  Then Bethenny is secretly invited to Ramona’s apartment where LuAnn and Jill are looking at fancy dresses to donate to charity.  I love how they talk about giving to charities and meanwhile are such catty bitches to each other.  Anyway, when Jill sets her eyes on Bethenny, it begins!  Bethenny confronts Jill, finally!  But Jill isn’t ready and she has no ammo.  She doesn’t know what to say, because she isn’t justified in her anger towards Bethenny.  That’s what I think, anyway.  Jill makes me mad because her anger has less to do with Bethenny and more to do with her own bs.

Listen, I’m a lady, and I’ve had my fair share of drama with my friends.  Whenever you get close enough with anyone, stuff comes up.  And if you’re ladies, it can get personal and vicious.  I don’t think men have that same sort of thing with each other, but also they don’t seem to be as emotionally checked in with each other.  I don’t know if one is better than the other, but I’m going to guess that ladies do it better.  I know, it shouldn’t be a girl vs. boys thing.  It’s okay.  Guys open jars better.


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