Wish you were here

12 Apr

Hey Stef.   Thanks for sharing that Big Ass Message thing.  I spent a long time thinking up phrases I wanted to see in big letters.  It ended up going to the toilet.  I think in my heart I’m a giggly 10 year old.

This weekend was full of meats and tons of merriment-the kind that is liquid and made of alcohol.  Oh the times.  I think this upcoming week I should take it easy.  LA seems so far already.  By the way when I just typed “fart” instead of “far”.  I can’t get my mind to think of anything else.  That must mean something and it’s not good.  Anyhoos, I attended Glennis’ birthday at this place called Sammy’s Steakhouse, which is a restaurant but it’s like going to someone’s basement to attended a raucous wedding complete with a dude playing all the hits.  It was a great time and you would have loved it.  See?  That’s what it looks like below.  Oh the times that are had in this little room.


One Response to “Wish you were here”

  1. sg April 12, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    that place! i wish i had been there! and you can thank natalie for introducing me to the big ass message. farts farts farts

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