This Shit is um, weird

13 Apr

By the way, I was told not to use the word “weird” to describe everything but I think this is weird.

Okay, so I know this particular video on YouTube has a lot of hits because this young man sings Whitney Houston like a woman, and people are amazed at his talent.  He’s having a Sue Boyle moment.  But let’s think about the the real reason over 5 million people have looked at a couple versions of this video.  Could it be his bowl haircut and his totally Asian face? Sorry to get all sensitive, I know, but I remember when William Hung became a YouTube hit, I couldn’t help but cringe because he played into a stereotype.  Okay so there’s that.  But then, wait, why is this young Taiwanese boy singing Whitney Houston like a woman?  What happened?  Something happened.  Oh little boy, I’m so confused at how to feel.  I’ll say this much.  This boy sings Whitney better than Whitney is singing Whitney, at least for now.  Oh Whitney.


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