Oh bunion.

1 Jun

So this week I started becoming focused on my bunion.  It’s not a major bunion.  It’s just there and it can’t be denied.  I spoke with a friend about it and she said she knew of a friend who just got it removed.  Simple as that, with health insurance, of course.  Well I don’t have health insurance right now, so that’s not going to happen.  But what if I did get it removed?  It sounds pretty painful because basically they cut in there and shave off your BONE.  That’s right, your bone!  And according to Web MD, there’s a chance it can grow back, plus you have to be off your feet for like 6 weeks or something.  Man.  I like having feet that work.  I don’t think I can seriously consider getting my bunion cut off.  But to all those who have gone through this in the past, I salute you.  Maybe I’ll change my tune when I get insurance one day.


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