Breaking NEWS: Pretzel M&M’s

19 Jul

So my obsession with salty and sweet candies began this Spring when I was introduced to the Take 5 bar, which was nicely reviewed by a candy blog.  There are blogs for everything, I tell ya.  Anyways, I was very excited when I saw this lil’ package.  Look at the terrified M&M with the x-ray.  So cute.  I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a bag of these lil round critters.

And perfectly round, they are.  So cute.  But part of me wanted there to be a tiny little twist pretzel inside, like the picture shows with the human-like M&M.  Unfortunately there’s just a dry crusty pretzel bullet inside.  Boo.

Overall, I give the new Pretzel M&M’s a B+.  Eh.  They were okay but I ended up eating the whole bag.  I don’t know if that just means I have no self control, or if they were indeed very good.

Alls I know is I want a Take 5 Bar about now.


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