For now you can see me here.

12 Sep

It looks like some jerk stole my old domain for my website.  Being the type of person that sees adversity and avoids it, I decided on a new domain.  What goes into choosing a new domain?  Hours of contemplation?  Sleepless nights thinking about what would appeal to my legions of “fans”?  No.  I just decided, f it.  I’ll take .biz.  So in the meantime, while this is going on, you can see me here, and my whereabouts and the such.

The summer has gone and fall is breezing in.  It’s the last few moments of breezy perfect weather before the snow comes in and consumes us all.  Gone are the careless walks to the subway in a t-shirt and shorts.  Now the boots are being readied, polished and resoled, primed for battle.  The puddly streets and the icy curbs soon to invade.  Man.  Winter blows.  But for now, my blog.

Tonight I will be doing some standem ups at Giulia Rozzi and Brooke van Poppelen’s show, Dive at Freddy’s in Brooklyn.  I’m sure you’ll read this days later and this will mean nothing to you because it happened in the past.  But you guys, we can’t know our future if we don’t know our past.  Right?  Whatever.


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