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Beans- current food obsession

23 Feb

I love food.  I know, most people do.  But I don’t care about those people.  I’m all about me right now.  Did I say that?  Yes I did.  Take that, I’m selfish.

Right now I’m obsessed with beans, more specifically, Cannellini beans, and even more specifically Cannellini Crostini.  I know a lot of you are like, “um that’s so like ten years ago”.  Well whatever fancies.

So I’m soaking some beans now and they’re getting really creepy looking!  Scary!

Oh wait so the point is I made some Cannellini spread/dip or whatever and it was so good, but I didn’t know what I was doing.  I put some beans from a can, parsley  , some cloves of garlic, salt, olive oil into a food processor and bam! Deliciousness!

We’ll see how this soaked version comes out.  The beans look like brains!  Ew.  I suggest you eat some beans.  Just cause I’d love for you to share in my experience.  Minus some digestion issues that are a natural consequence of consuming legumes.