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a nice blast from the past

16 Apr

My friend Stef sent me this link to a Rentals video last night.  It’s Friday, let’s take a walk down memory lane.

(by the way this video couldn’t be imbeded so you have to watch it on YouTube, eh)

Remember The Rentals?  I used to be a lover of bands, especially bands with dudes, because I loved guys in bands.  Sure it was about the music kind of, but mostly it was about cute guys.  What?  Don’t judge me.  I’d always choose one member of the band to be obsessed with and then imagine a made up life together.  Usually it would involve us settled in a cozy home with a backyard, and we’d invite all our rocker friends and have bbqs.  I can’t believe my fantasy was so domestic.  Why didn’t I imagine marrying a rockstar and traveling the world-drinking champagne and buying fancy dresses and staying in fancy hotels and writing deep thoughts in a hand crafted notebook with a feather quill?

Anyhow, when Matt Sharp was in Weezer, he was my go-to dreamboat.  Then when he formed his own band The Rentals, I felt like I finally had the opportunity to focus all my fantasies and groupie love.  I guess I was never a real groupie, it all just existed in my head.  I even wanted the same glasses he’s wearing in this video.  I almost got a pair but the older dude at the glasses shop told me that ladies shouldn’t wear such heavy frames, and I listened to him.  What a fool!  I still love Matt Sharp.  And this has been a walk down memory lane.  Thanks Stef!