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Wish You Were Here

16 Feb

Hey Stef.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a “Wish You Were Here” post.  But  I just read your post today about the fancy pancakes you made this morning.  I feel like today was a pancake day for people.  My friend Ann reported that she made pancakes today too, and come to think of it my friend Erin also made pancakes.  I wonder if Presidents make people think of pancakes.  That and it’s a weekend thing to do, for the people and by the people.

Whatever.  But it made me think about that time in high school when we had that boy and girl overnight at my mom’s house, against her wishes and Sean and Jeff and I think Jaimi came over.  And we all watched The Shining and we were in my mom’s living room with all those French doors which made the movie even scarier.  And then the next morning you and I walked to the Ralphs and bought eggs and pancake mix and food dye and made green and blue pancakes and eggs.  And when we tried to serve our breakfast to our friends, no one wanted to eat our green pancakes and we wondered why.  Oh to be young.  Remember that?  I thought I was going to be in a rock band and marry someone like Thurston Moore.  Looks like none of that happened.  I’m still wondering what will happen now.


Wish You Were Here

1 Dec

Hey Stef!

Happy Birthday!  Did you know that you share the same birthday as Woody Allen?  I don’t know how that makes you feel.  I like his films but I guess he has a bit of a shady history.  I’m not sure how I feel.  So maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that.  But at least he’s an interesting fella. But you also share your birthday with Bette Midler.  I don’t know how you feel about that either, but she does have a set of lungs, that Bette and I think she still has a show running in Las Vegas.  We should totally go. (Or maybe we shouldn’t.  I’d rather spend my money on cheese, frankly).  Remember “From A Distance”?  Ha.  I had to put it here.  I just had to.  It’s karaoke, so you can sing along.  If you’ll notice, they don’t put the words up, so you’ll have to look those up separately.  The person who posted this wasn’t thinking of the groups of people who might not know “From A Distance” by heart.  Luckily you know all the words.

But besides that, I hope that this year is a sunny year.  Here’s to you!  And your birth!  (I’m cheers-ing you with an imaginary glass full of fancy champagne)

Happy Birthday!

Wish you were here

26 Oct

So Stef, I totally wish you could come out here to New York and visit.  But since that won’t happen for a while, I’ll share with you via the interweb, what I wish you could share out here!

The other night I got to spend some quality time with some friends and eat a fatted pig.  It was a great time, and I wish you were here to stuff your belly with us.  Then we played a fun round of a charades/memory/description type game and our brains exploded.


And it’s been pretty out, just slightly chilly with a little breeze.  I was eating on Sunday with my friend Erin, and we looked out the window and saw a yellow tree.  I think you would have liked that too.  Here’s someone else’s version of the tree I found that looks just like it.  I know it’s hard to imagine the leaves turning color when it’s 95 degrees where you are, but just picture it for a minute.  Hope your move is going well, my grown up friend!