master of disguise!

2 Dec

A couple of days ago I was at the supermarket minding my own business.  Actually I was there trying to purchase some healthy vegetables to counteract all the chocolate cake I made and ate.

cake sidebar: That’s right, I made a cake for others, then ate most of it myself, and not for the reasons you think.  The cake turned out    horribly.  I made one cake recipe, the one with 2 cups of sugar that ended up tasting too sweet for me, then tried a different recipe, but I started watching television and forgot all about the cake while it cooked to a crisp.  I ended up baking a chocolate cracker.  Anyway, I put the cakes together to form a sad mediocre cake.  The frosting I made, however was so delicious I ended up eating the leftover cake myself.

Okay, back to the Master of Disguise.  So there I was, exiting the Key Food when I saw the Master of Disguise.  For only 50 cents you too can be a China man, complete with thinning beard and mole or, if you are lucky, you have the chance of getting the little Hitler moustache.  Man, the toys they make for kids today…at the supermarket.  My suggestion to you Key Food is to strategically place the fu manchu next to the Chung King chow mein kit.  That way you can market this kit to the family that is interested in completely embracing the China people culture.  I don’t know where you’d place the Hitler moustache, maybe near the German Chocolate cake mix?  No.  Maybe I shouldn’t plan the mapping of product placement in a supermarket.  I can’t even make a chocolate cake.

Oh but also, maybe this Master of Disguise is a reference to the 2002 film with Dana Carvey where he plays a whole cornucopia of characters.  Remember this?


One Response to “master of disguise!”

  1. The Frankster December 8, 2009 at 5:48 pm #

    This made me lol.

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